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A Word of Advice From Neil Patel
Quick Tip of The Week:

How To Recognize Scams

How do you recognize if a program is a scam? What is the sure fire tell tale to recognize it and stay away?
I've spent thousands of dollars in online training. I bought courses, guides, programs, attended seminars and webinars. HINT: Anybody promising that you will make money in "X" amount of time is LYING to you. No one can predict how much time it will take. Reliable programs will under-promise and over-deliver. Reliable programs will also never guarantee any results, simply because there are too many factors that play a role in your success (or failure). Failure btw, only happens if you quit. Most marketers quit within a few months, just when they are about to become profitable.
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  • Slanted Fonts vs Regular Fonts: Which ones work and why. How many fonts your should be using and how often
  •  Fonts To NEVER USE in Marketing: Avoid these or be broke!
  • Human Psychology & Fonts: How To change the mood of your audience by making these weird simple adjustments to your font style
  •  Simple vs Complex Fonts: Stay basic or go sophisticated? Learn when to use different fonts in different points in your funnel
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