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5 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Conversion Rate
I’ve seen countless forum posts talking about LP CTR when evaluating a landing page, and yet affiliates rarely get it right.

People click on your ad and land on your landing page. A percentage of them will click through to the offer page from your landing page.

Here’s the mistake that most affiliate marketers make: they judge how effective a landing page is by the LP CTR, when it’s just part of the equation. I’ve heard people say, “My landing page sucks! It only has an LP CTR of 8%.”

It doesn’t matter how many people see the offer page. What matters is how many people convert. A landing page CTR of 70% is not good if it results in low conversion rates.

An extreme example of this is those “guru” LONG sales letters that try to sell “make money online” courses. I remember seeing them years ago and thinking to myself, “Who has time to read all this? Wouldn’t they make more money if they kept it shorter so more people could click to the offer page?”

Sales letters are long for a reason. They make more money because of the increase in conversion rates.

Improving Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Now you know that getting users to convert is more important than getting them to simply click through. The next question you might be pondering is: how do you increase your landing page conversion rates? Here are 5 simple things I do on each landing page that you can too:

1. Pre-qualify your visitors The 3-questions dating landing page is a popular example. When people have to put in a little work, it makes them want the reward more.

2. Call them out An example of this is “You are the Lucky Winner Today from Los Angeles, CA”, where Atlanta is a script that looks up their location.

3. Use social proof – as seen on TV, as seen on…, etc.

4. Use testimonials – “I lost 10 pounds with this!” with before/after pictures of Bob.

5. Add urgency. If an offer’s going to disappear, e.g, a warning that offer expires in 1 minute, people will want it more.

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